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Induction/Mentor Instructional Coach Assignment

Induction / Mentor Instructional Coach Assignment

The role of the Mentor Instructional Coach (MIC)  is to collaborate with and support the teacher on their progress towards meeting the goals and activities outlined in the Individual Learning Plan.  The MIC and teacher engage in four induction-focused coaching cycles throughout the year. The MIC helps the teacher collect data-based evidence of his/her progress towards their goal, provides resources and feedback for portfolio document completion,  and assists in the identification of site-based support and resources. The submission of portfolio documents for induction is the responsibility of the participating teacher.  

Mentor Instructional Coaches are assigned by school site administrators at the site level in coordination with the Induction Program Coordinator, except in the case of Education Specialists where there may not be an appropriate credential type match. Education Specialist matches are coordinated at the District level to ensure candidates receive a mentor with a matching credential. Most Mentor matches are finalized by the end of September. In the event of  a late hire or delayed decision to enroll in induction, matches will be made within 30 days of enrollment. 

Requesting Reassignment

Positive and productive Induction Coach and Candidate matches are the foundation for successful induction. Should a candidate or an Induction Instructional Coach perceive that the match is unsuccessful, a request for reassignment will be considered.  A request for reassignment needs to be sent in writing to the Teacher Induction Program office. Participants are responsible for informing program leaders of unsuccessful matches, but should the Program Coordinator determine that an Induction Instructional Coach is unable to complete their duties, the IIC may be replaced in order for a more appropriate IIC to work with the candidate. 



  1. A candidate or a mentor may ask the Program Coordinator for a new assignment at any time. 
  2. Upon receipt of a request for a new assignment, the Program Coordinator secures confidential information from both the candidate and the mentor. Efforts are made to maintain respect and dignity for all those involved and to collaboratively determine a solution to the presented issue(s). 
  3. Communication between the Program Coordinator, site Administrator and the employing district Human Resources personnel will occur with strict attention to maintaining confidentiality and respect on the behalf of all professionals. 
  4. The Program Coordinator implements the solution and monitors the new assignment. Appropriate information is shared as needed.