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Latinos for Education Partnership

Latinos for Education

Aspiring Latino Leaders Fellowship

The Aspiring Latino Leaders Fellowship through Latinos for Education is a 9-month program that supports 50-75 Latinx education leaders in Massachusetts, Houston, and the Bay Area to advance in their leadership journey and ultimately expand their sphere of influence in the education sector, so more of our students succeed. We support our Fellows through culturally responsive professional development and a strong network of Latino professionals locally with the ultimate goal of strengthening the following leadership competencies:

  • Translating and communicating values into action through the Public Narrative framework.

  • Understanding and leveraging Latino identity to develop professionally and increase influence in education.

  • Growing as a Latinx educator leading DEI in education.

  • Building knowledge of a complex policy world to advocate for positive change for Latino students and families.

  • Learning and using data-driven and research-based frameworks that can help improve educational outcomes.

  • Advancing and empowering one's career to positively impact more students.

Latinx Teachers Fellowship

Considering this urgency, Latinos for Education fast-tracked the design and implementation of a plan to cultivate and accelerate teacher leadership. The Latinx Teachers' Fellowship will provide a national cohort of 50-75 Latinx K-12 teachers with a learning network of peers and the tools to collaboratively prepare to maintain and improve the skills needed to serve large ELL populations during the re-entry process. Our goal is to equip Latinx teachers to navigate the increased demands of a post-pandemic education system and improve their likelihood of progressing in their careers as teacher leaders into the next school year and beyond.

Ideal Candidates

  • Identify as Latino/a/x/e

  • With 2-7 years of K-12 teaching experience

  • Serving large ELL populations

  • Who teach across Massachusetts, Houston, or the Bay Area

  • With a track record accomplishing high student achievement

Learn more about both programs on the Latinos for Education website.

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Learn more about the Aspiring Latino Leaders Fellowship and the LatinX Teachers Fellowship programs on the Latinos for Education website.  

2023 Aspiring Latino Leaders Fellowship 

We are incredibly proud to have six SMUHSD educators currently in the Latinos for Education’s Apiring Latino Leaders 2023 Fellowship:

  • Leticia Barajas, School Counselor, Capuchino High School
  • Emilie Bohorquez, School Counselor, Middle College
  • Christina Cabrera, Lead Wellness Counselor, Burlingame High School
  • Javier Magana, School Counselor, Aragon High School
  • José Quintana, Capital Facilities Manager, District
  • Marissa Reyes, School Counselor, Hillsdale

The Fellowship is a nine-month program that supports Latino education leaders in Massachusetts, Houston and the Bay Area to advance in their leadership journey. Latinos for Education supports its Fellows through culturally responsive professional development and a strong network of Latino professionals locally.

The fellowship offers programming designed to advance and empower careers to positively impact more students.

In 2022, Hillsdale High’s Wellness Counselor Alexis Becerra and Family Engagement Coordinator Leti Cottrell completed the Fellowship.