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Program Description and Requirements

Teacher Induction Program Description

The teacher induction program is a two-year, individualized, job-embedded system of mentoring, support and professional learning that begins in the teacher’s first year of teaching. During this two-year program, teachers are paired with Mentors with an appropriate credential match, attend professional development aligned to both the CSTPs and district priorities, and complete cycles of inquiry through individual learning plans. Participating teachers (PTs) collaboratively develop professional growth goals with their Mentors as a part of their  Individual Learning Plans (ILPs).  


Program Admission and Enrollment

  • Program candidates must have a preliminary teaching credential (or will have the preliminary credential by program start date) and certificate of clearance.
  • When credential status is verified, Human Resources will contact candidates to notify them of eligibility and the Induction Program enrollment process.
  • Induction program candidates have until October 15th to complete the enrollment process in order to participate in that year's induction cohort.

Program Participation Requirements

  • Induction Orientation

  • Fall Mentor + Candidate Meeting
    • This is a joint meeting with both candidates and their mentors to connect and calibrate progress on the ILP. 

  • Support Meetings with Mentor
    • Connect with Mentor for an average of not less than one hour per week of individualized support/ mentoring which is coordinated and/or provided by the mentor. 

  • Complete the Individual Learning Plan (ILP) in collaboration with Mentor. 
    • ILP Start- SMARTE Goal and CSTP Reflection and Self Assessment
    • ILP Fall Activities- Focal student and Inquiry 1
    • Mid Year Reflection
    • ILP Spring Activities- Inquiry 2 and 3
    • ILP Final and End of Year Reflection 

  • Spring Mentor + Candidate Meeting
    • This is a joint meeting with both candidates and their mentors to connect, reflect on progress, and adjust ILP goals as needed. 
  • Mentor Observations
      • Candidates participate in a minimum of two mentor observations with the intent to provide formative feedback on growth in the ILP goal areas.
  • Program Coordinator Observation
    • Candidates are observed at least once by the Program Coordinator, with the intent for the Program Coordinator to provide formative feedback to both the Mentor and Candidate. 

Year 1 and 2 Induction Table of Activities

The table above is taken from the program completion document, and summarizes the requirements for year 1 and year 2.  In addition to completing the requirements, submitted documents are reviewed for quality, evidence of growth and reflection on ILP goals and the CSTPs.  Candidates are expected to complete and submit all required assignments and documentation no later than two weeks after the close of the contract year.