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Teacher Induction Program

Teacher Induction Program

Induction Goals

  • Provide teachers with a preliminary credential a pathway to earning the California Professional Clear Credential.
  • Continue to build on knowledge and skills gained during the participating teachers preliminary teacher preparation program.
  • Provide effective and timely support in transitioning into teaching for participating teachers.
  • Improve the student educational experience and performance through impactful teacher training and support.
  • Ensure professional success and retention of capable new teachers.
  • Ensure intensive, individualized and timely support and assistance for each participating teacher.

Program Rationale

  • New teacher induction is in alignment with the District’s instructional framework and priorities.
  • Professional development tailored to meet the unique needs of induction candidates AND their mentors to improve teacher quality retention.
  • Induction experience and outcomes are aligned with the SMUHSD standard of excellence in teaching and learning.


The mission of the District Teacher Induction Program is to provide new teachers with relevant, research based professional development and support that promotes growth in developing and facilitating equitable, rigorous, and meaningful learning experiences in safe learning environments for all students. 



The District's Teacher Induction Program Vision is to provide students with teachers who participate in high quality professional development,  actively collaborate with colleagues, and engage in reflection that leads to professional growth. Teachers engage in ongoing and timely support from experienced and knowledgeable mentors, grounded in the District’s Instructional Framework, to provide safe, equitable and rigorous learning environments for all students.


Grievance Process

Learn more about the Grievance Process for the SMUHSD Teacher Induction Program.


Learn more about SMUHSD's Unlawful Discrimination Policy.

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Sabbie Hopkins
Professional Development &
Induction Coordinator


Brian Williams
Credential Analyst