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Written Appeal Process

Written Appeal Process

An Induction participating teacher is expected to meet all requirements outlined in the signed letter of Commitment and the Induction Handbook. If the participating teacher has difficulty demonstrating growth in effective teaching practices, the San Mateo Union High School District will provide additional coaching cycles and mentoring support. The Program Manager and Mentor will work with individuals who need to complete or revise portions of the program in order to demonstrate growth and meet program requirements for clear credential recommendation, utilizing the Induction Extension process if such completion or revision means a recommendation can not be made within the two year program timeline. 

In the event that the participating teacher continues to not demonstrate growth in the CSTPs, as outlined in the Letter of Commitment and Induction Handbook, and the participating teacher disagrees with this finding, the participating teacher may file a Letter of Appeal using the Written Appeal Form.

Written Appeal Procedure:

  1. It is the responsibility of the participating teacher to inform the program of the specific concern as soon as possible. The participating teacher will meet with the Program Manager informally to discuss the situation and reach a resolution. 
  2. Should a resolution not occur during the informal process, the Candidate may complete the Written Appeal Form to formally register the appeal and provide additional evidence to the Program Manager. The Program Manager will review the formal appeal and evidence and make a determination. 
  3. Should the Candidate disagree with the determination, they may file a formal complaint utilizing the Teacher Induction Program Grievance process, beginning with step 2.