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Workers Compensation

Company Nurse

Effective July 1, 2020, San Mateo County school insurance group will transition to a new worker’s compensation program.  The new third-party administrator is Intercare Holdings Insurance Services, instead of Keenan and Associates.

The process of reporting injuries remains the same.  Please continue to utilize Company Nurse to report all occupational Injuries to Intercare.

Please be reminded when you encounter a workplace injury, the injured employee will call the Company Nurse® injury Hotline as soon as possible after the injury/incident occurs.  After the Injury Care Coordinator records the injury and incident information, the attending nurse will provide first aid advice and direct the injured employee to an appropriate worker’s comp treatment site if needed. COMPANY NURSE® will handle all initial reporting of workplace injuries.

Here’s how it works:

The process is simple.  Just call!  If an injury is not a medical emergency, the INJURED WORKER will telephone COMPANY NURSE® at 1-877-518-6702, use Search Code: SMCS14, before seeking treatment.  They will speak with a Registered Nurse who will assist the employee with his or her medical needs and expedite the claims processing.  The nurse will talk to the manager first and then the employee to determine what kind of treatment, if any, is necessary for the employee based upon their conversation with them and the manager.

Important Hotline facts:

The COMPANY NURSE® INJURY HOTLINE is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Company Nurse® will complete the First Report of Injury form and email or fax it to our claims processing administrator and to the SMUHSD.

The Injured Worker only needs to report the injury once to Company Nurse®.  However, you can call back any time with changes or updates to the report if needed.

Company Nurse® will handle all initial reporting of employee incidents.

The advantage of a medical professional assisting in directing the employee’s medical treatment should result in cost savings and fewer claims if first aid can be applied.  Furthermore, employees will receive instant telephonic first aid advice from a Registered Nurse and be referred for further treatment if needed.

Your cooperation and participation are appreciated.  Please do not hesitate to contact Lulu Davidson at (650) 558-2247, if you have any questions regarding this process. 

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