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Bay Cafe

Bay Cafe

SMUHSD Bridging Adults and Youth (BAY) Programs Launches the BAY Works Programs

Bay Cafe Logo

Bay Cafe-Kindness in Every Cup

SMUHSD has extended their BAY programs to include BAY Works.  

The Bay Works student Baristas launched a micro business - a BAY Cafe cart at our District Office.  Running on caffeine and kindness-our coffee cart provides great coffee and work experiences in our community.  BAY Cafe students fulfill roles as baristas and managers, student staff is also be in charge of inventory, purchasing, marketing, merchandising, finances, and welcoming visitors to the coffee cart. 

With over 80% of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities unemployed nationwide, the Bay Cafe creates a path for our Bay Baristas to develop the skills necessary to successfully transition to jobs in the future.  Brewing up more than just a cup of coffee, the Bay Cafe is putting students on a path to meaningful employment and connections to the community.

This opportunity for our students in both our high school and post secondary programs will provide a welcoming and inclusive work and learning experiences for our students, preparing them for competitive employment in the future.  


SMUHSD has provided our youth with disabilities a full continuum of inclusive instructional opportunities that promote independence, self-determination, and social success.  All our services are designed to be student centered and individualized to support a strengths model to honor all students for their gifts and talents. Learning in our Bay Academy and Bay University Programs is designed to support students to prepare for their future.  Students during their high school and post-secondary years participate in an applied academic curriculum including: literacy, social emotional skills, personal economics, communication, technology, fitness, self- advocacy, health and wellness.  Work-based learning starts with school site businesses and projects, and job clubs to begin learning about what types of jobs they might be interested in exploring in the future. Vocational opportunities and pathways are developed as students advance through the program. High school students may have several job rotations in the community to learn vocational and community safety skills, in addition to on and off campus volunteer opportunities. When students complete high school and move on to the Bay University Programs the focus shifts to preparation for transition with an increase of opportunities for independence,  increased social opportunities, community-based employment and learning.  

Our programs and services are designed to increase visibility and acceptance of people with disabilities in our communities and to promote the gifts and talents of our youth. Communities are strengthened when they include all people and demonstrate that they deeply value the contributions our students make.