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The San Mateo Union High School District (District) is committed to the education of all its students and to each student achieving their potential in a supportive educational environment. A student’s attendance at school is a critical component for achieving this goal. It is the intent of the District that intensive guidance and coordinated community services are provided to meet the special needs of pupils with school attendance and/or school behavior problems. If early interventions have failed to produce needed changes in a student’s problem attendance or behavior, a referral to the District’s School Attendance Review Board (S.A.R.B.) may be a viable option to getting support services in place for both the student and family. (E.C. 48263)

school attendance review board (sarb)

The Director of Student Services will screen student referrals to determine if appropriate guidance and community services have been utilized on behalf of the student prior to scheduling the District SARB hearing. The District SARB may be composed of district office administration, school site administrators and deans, school counselors, special education staff, wellness counselors, parents, law enforcement, probation, and other outside agencies, as available.  

The District SARB attempts to understand why students experience attendance problems and makes every effort to assist in correcting the problem(s).  

The more frequent actions of the District SARB include:

  • Recommending changes in the student’s program that may be unusual but necessary.
  • Referral to another District or county educational program.
  • Recommendation of case review by Special Education staff.
  • Directing the student and/or family to counseling.
  • Directing parents to escort student to school daily.
  • Requiring student to attend school every day.
  • Requiring that a doctor or school health aide verify the student’s future absences.
  • Requesting assistance from other county agencies and programs when needed, to include possible reduction in CalWorks/AFDC benefits.

Excused Absences

Please see SMUHSD Administrative Regulation 5113 for a list of excused absences.