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Proof of Residence

To avoid making multiple trips to the District Office, be sure you bring all the required documents with you.

All families will need to provide:

  • Student's Birth Certificate, Passport, Baptism Certificate or other form of Identification ID) confirming student's legal name and date of birth
  • Student’s Immunization Records with TDAP vaccination & COVID-19 Vaccination card
  • Transcripts if enrolling from Private School or Outside of the District
  • Custody Documents, as applicable 

In addition, families must provide one form of documentation from each of the following groups:

*Please note that the District reserves the right to accept supplemental residency validation documents other than the ones listed above to verify residency.  The District also reserves the right to request additional documents to resolve residency or custodial issues.  (Administrative Regulations-District Residency AR 5111.1)

Group 1: Parent/Guardian Identification

Group 2: Residency Validation

Group 3: Supplemental Residency Validation

Valid Driver's License with Vehicle
Registration showing current address

  • Current Rental/Lease Agreement with the following:

  • Parent/Guardian's name

  • Name of Manager or Owner and telephone number 

State or Federal Tax Return with W-2 attached and containing address within the District*

Current California Identification

Current Property Tax Bill

Payroll/Check stub with name/address within the District*

Current Military ID

Current Homeowner's or Renter's Insurance Policy

Other current forms of identification or recent correspondence from a Government Agency to address within the District* (e.g. Employment Development Dept., Dept. of Social Services, etc.)


Shared Residency Affidavit** (Note: the property owner or primary lease owner must also provide documents for each of the three categories) 

Recent Voter Registration Card containing address within the District

Consular Picture ID

Declaration of Residency Form Executed by Student's Parent/Guardian

*Please remove Social Security Number and Income information from these documents before submitting.

proof of residence forms