WELCOME, Incoming Students for Fall 2023 - Spring 2024

  • We are looking forward to welcoming our future DONS, both Class of 2027 and Transfer Students!

    Please make sure you have completed the enrollment process for Aragon High School.  Enrollment information can be found on the District website.


Presentations to Families & Middle School Students for the Fall 2023

  • The Aragon School Counselors and Administration presented Course Selection information to Incoming Families on March 9th, 2023.  Thank you for reviewing the presentations below to learn about our course selection opportunities if you have transferred into Aragon recently!



    If you have recently found out that you are transferring to Aragon - CONGRATULATIONS! 

    We look forward to meeting you in the Fall!


    Course Selection Forms & Course Catalog

    School Counselors are on summer break and will return to Aragon the second week of August 2023.  They will be able to answer your questions at that time.  Our Student Services Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Kardosh, is working this summer and is available should you have any immediate questions:  650-558-2905 and dkardosh@smuhsd.org .


    Please feel free to view our Course Catalog along with the slides presentations above.  


    If your transfer to Aragon has been approved, you may submit your course requests here.  We again ask that you preview our Course Catalog and the above slide presentations ahead of time, and School Counselors will return the 2nd week of August to assist you.

    9th Grade Student Course Selection Form

    10th Grade Student Course Selection Form 

    11th Grade Student Course Selection Form

    12th Grade Student Course Selection Form


Placement Tests Available

Program Applications

  • Please visit our Programs, Applications, and Auditions page for information about: 

    • Leadership Program Application
    • AVID Application
    • Athletics Try-outs
    • Dance & Cheer Auditions
    • Vocal Ensemble Auditions
    • Jazz, Band, and Orchestra Auditions

How to ease the transition to Aragon

  • As mentioned on our Middle School visits....Watch videos to get a sense of what kind of community you are coming into!

    Prep your wardrobe (we wear red and black on Fridays!)

    Stay in touch!   New student Orientation is usually the first Friday of August (to be updated soon!), and it is the BEST way to get excited for your next 4 years!

    Keep looking at our website for the latest information!