Senior Information


    Welcome seniors and families of graduating students! 

    UPATED MAY 21, 2023:


    Dear Families of Aragon’s Class of 2023:

    (You can also see this post on our website.)

    We are very much looking forward to celebrating our Graduates this Thursday!  Please review this information thoroughly regarding this week and the Commencement Ceremony on May 25, 2023.



    Graduating Seniors are required to attend the Commencement Ceremony Practice this Tuesday, May 23rd and Wednesday, May 24th, from 1:30pm - 3:30pm

    Students must arrive on time and may not be absent if they would like to participate in the Ceremony on Thursday - NO exceptions. 


    Mrs. Kardosh has been distributing caps and gowns to Graduating Seniors.  Cap Decorating Guidelines here (decorating the cap is optional; it is required you follow these rules when decorating).


    Students will receive their FOUR guest seat tickets once they turn in their “Golden Checkout Passport” to Mrs. Kardosh.  These seat tickets are for the designated folding chairs seating area in the center of the stadium field.  


    If you requested an extra seat ticket through our lottery, you will be notified by May 22nd.  We had over 30% of families request 1-2 extra seat tickets, and we regretfully cannot offer an extra seat ticket to everyone in our folding chair seating area.  These extra seat tickets have been selected through a lottery only. Thank you for your understanding.  If you no longer need an extra seat ticket, kindly let Ms. Elenz-Martin know so another guest can use it.


    Families, friends, and guests are still welcome to attend and watch  the Commencement Cermony even without a seat ticket!  They can bring a blanket to sit on the turf field, and/or they may bring their own chairs as long as they are “U-BEND” chairs and not individual chairs with individual “pokey” feet.  See these linked examples of acceptable chairs. 


    On Thursday, May 25, 2023, the AHS graduation ceremony will begin promptly at 5:30 p.m.  


    To ensure that all of our guests are able to see the event, we will open the North Gate of the Stadium to guests at 4:30 p.m. and close at 5:25 p.m. as we prepare for the graduates to enter the stadium.  


    Guests arriving after the gates have closed will be able to enter the stadium after the graduates have been seated.  Guests ONLY need a ticket if they are planning to sit in the designated folding chair seating area.  Guests without a ticket again may bring their own approved chairs or blanket. 

    NOTE:  Graduates must arrive at their designated "line up" spot at 4:30pm.  They will learn more at practice this week.  They can leave a bag with a change of clothes in the gym at this time should they want to change after the ceremony.  More information below.


    Please allow plenty of time for parking so that you do not miss this special event.  Parking is limited in the area surrounding the school – carpooling is strongly encouraged, and we recommend that graduates drive with their families and not in their own cars due to the limited space.


    There will be accessible parking DROP-OFF at the South end driveway and Stadium entrance.  Only ADA/Accessible entry necessary happens at the South gate.  


    All other guests must arrive at the North Gate.  There will be a VERY limited number of accessible parking spots on the South Side for those requiring parking, so drop-off will be likely.


    Cars are NOT allowed on the Stadium track/field.  We will have staff driving a golf cart in order to transport guests that need support in getting to their seating area.


    Please plan to use the restroom before you arrive at the stadium.  We have very limited restrooms at the stadium and it will be difficult/crowded.



    Appropriate behavior is expected of all students, family members, friends, and guests during the Graduation ceremony.


    Please do not bring noisemakers, balloons, umbrellas, confetti poppers, or any other items that may distract from or block a view of the graduation ceremony.


    Videotaping and photography is permitted only from the seats in the audience.  Guests are not allowed in the stage area during the ceremony.


    A professional photographer will take your graduate’s photograph when receiving their diploma and you will receive information on purchasing these photographs.  The photography company will be reaching out to families separately with this info:


    QR CODE:
    Approximately 2 weeks after graduation we will send a direct link to the parents/guardians to view their student's images.  If they do not receive the direct link, for any reason, they can use the same link above to locate their student's images. 


    The ceremony should end between 7:00-7:30pm.  Immediately following the ceremony, graduates will be able to exit the stadium and collect their actual diploma at the tables on the outdoor basketball courts.  (During the ceremony, they receive their diploma cover for pictures on stage, but please make sure to collect the actual diploma afterwards!).  


    Guests, family members, and friends should remain seated until all graduates have completed their procession out of the ceremony area.  Thank you for your patience with this so they can collect their diplomas and then take pictures, change for Grad Night, etc.!



    Because many of our graduates are leaving on the buses at 8pm for Grad Night, they may return briefly to the gym/locker rooms to change after picking up their diploma.  Graduates may leave a backpack in the Large Gym prior to the ceremony, and they can bring that to the locker room to change after the ceremony is over.

    They will not have access to the gym/locker rooms the day after Grad Night, so all items must be returned to families on Thursday evening before getting on the bus.  Grad Night is not a school sponsored event: Please email with any questions.


Senior Activities Meeting - March 9, 2022

Class of 2023

  • Senior Sunrise 

    Friday, August 19th

    7am to 8:30am


    Senior Sunset

    Friday, May 19th

    6pm to 8pm


    Senior Activities Day

    Monday, May 15th

    8:30am to 1:30pm



    Thursday, May 25th


    Aragon Stadium Field

    Please see the "Graduation Information" page, linked to the left, for up-to-date information on our graduation.


    Grad Night

    Thursday, May 25th

    Grad Night is a parent, not school, sponsored event.