Attendance Overview

  • BHS Absence Reporting Form

    Overview Key Points:

    • Clearing attendance for any reason is done so by completing the BHS Absence Reporting Form.
    • Parents/guardians may email our Attendance Clerk, Ms. Moreno, to report attendance as well. She can be reached at
    • A student’s absence can be cleared up to 48 hours past the day of the last absence
    • If a student’s absence is not cleared within two days from the absence, the student is marked as a truant “T” for all unverified periods and those cannot be corrected at any point after the 48 hour window has passed.
    • Students are not permitted to make up work of any kind if they are marked as a truant “T” for that class period.

    Detailed Absence Overview

    Attendance in school is mandatory for all students under the age of 18. Illness, quarantine, medical, optometry services, dental services, the funeral of members for student’s immediate family (as defined in Education Code 45194), jury duty, and observance of religious holiday or ceremony are the only legal reasons for a student to be absent from school. It is the parent’s/guardian’s and the student’s responsibility to check attendance routinely in AERIES, which can be accessed on the Burlingame High School website.

    Parent/Guardian Responsibility:  Parents are expected to clear a student’s absence up to 48 hours past the day of the absence being reported.  It is greatly appreciated if a parent/guardian submits the absence reporting form on the same day as the absence.