Career and technical education (CTE)

  • In Career and Technical Education courses, students gain real-world experience through hands-on projects that combine rigorous academics with industry-specific technical skills. The curriculum integrates work-based learning opportunities such as guest speakers, field trips, and job shadowing to expose students to a variety of career options. Through projects developed with industry partners, students gain the communication, collaboration, critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will ensure their success in any future career.

    SMUHSD offers multi-year Career and Technical Education pathways in a wide range of industry sectors. These pathways prepare students for postsecondary education and entry into a career. Career and Technical Education Teachers partner with industry representatives and engage in ongoing professional development in order to ensure that our curriculum is up-to-date and reflects the latest trends in industry.

  • Career Exploration Series

    Throughout the month of February, the Bay Area Community College Consortium (BACCC) hosted a virtual Career Exploration Series.

    Webinars were offered for students to learn more about careers in: construction, biotechnology, health, transportation, manufacturing, teaching, public safety, and computer science/digital media.

    All of the recordings and presentations from those webinars can be found on the BACCC website

College and Career Readiness Indicator

  • Contacts

    District College and Career Readiness Coordinator 
    Lisa Laux

    CTE Pathway Leads:

    Arts Media & Entertainment: Nicholas Carrillo

    Engineering & Architecture: Anna Liu

    Hospitality, Tourism, & Recreation: Michele Casale

    Health Science & Medical Technology: Mary Rustia

    Information and Communication Technologies: Anne Pesquie 

Colorful wheel representing the various Career Technical Education Pathways