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    January 8, 2021


    I hope everyone has had a restful winter break and had the opportunity to recharge for the new semester.  Many families have asked me about the possibility of returning to school, practice, competition, and some semblance of normalcy.  We are not there just yet, but I am able to see light at the end of the tunnel.  Beginning Tuesday, January 19, four Season I programs will be allowed to begin workouts: Cross Country, Girls Golf, Girls Tennis, and Swimming.  I am excited to begin a more normal practice routine for these programs.  If the Stay at Home Order is extended for San Mateo County, it will not affect the start of workouts for these programs; we will begin on the 19th.  


    (For families who wish to inquire about other sport programs, a second, separate letter will be issued later this month.)  


    Under new CIF guidelines, athletes that join one of these four programs will NOT be allowed to join other athletic cohorts (or pods) either on campus or with any club sport program in the community.  This new guideline is designed to keep all athletes as healthy as possible.


    Some required items to complete before the 19th :

    1. Complete all forms on Sportsnet including submission of a current physical exam.  For families completing Sportsnet for the first time, the process takes approximately twenty minutes.  If needed, please schedule for a physical exam as soon as realistically possible.  
    2. Complete the following Google Form to establish correct contact information. (This is a similar form used for Fall Conditioning and needs to be completed again.)  This form can be completed in less than five minutes.


    Beginning on the 19th, student athletes should be aware of the following :

    1) All student athlete drop offs will be in the student parking lot on Sequoia Avenue.  Athletes that drive themselves or walk to campus need to park in the student parking and/or enter campus through the student parking lot.

    2) Any person with positive COVID symptoms should not come to school to participate.

    3) All coaches and athletes will be screened for signs/symptoms of COVID including a temperature check.  Any athlete demonstrating symptoms of COVID will be directed to A) not participate, B) isolate for 14 days, and C) contact their health care professional.  All athletes must wear a mask to approach the check in station.

    4)  Athletes need to bring their own water.  No hydration stations will be used.  Water bottles must not be shared.  Locker rooms will be used as restroom facilities only, no indoor space will be used for changing.

    5) Equipment can be shared among athletes for these four sports.  Proper disinfection techniques will be used both before and after each workout by the coaching staff.

    6) Coaches will escort their athletes to the student parking lot at the end of each day’s workout.  After each workout, all athletes must wear a mask as they leave campus.  It is highly recommended that athletes shower and wash their workout clothes immediately upon returning home.

    In addition, SMUHSD is creating a schedule to administer weekly COVID testing for all coaches and athletes.  At this time, district policy requires testing before competition begins. The schedule will be published as soon as it is created.

    I look forward to watching many of the athletes return to campus in the next few weeks.  I know this is a lot of information and there are remaining questions.  Thank you in advance for your flexibility as some things are subject to change on short notice.  Coaches and I will inform families of changes in policies and procedures when needed.


    If you have any sport specific questions, please reach out to your specific sport coach.  Practice schedules are being finalized at this time.  That information will be published on the school website later this week.  A new competition schedule for each of the four programs will be published from the PAL office in the near future - depending on the length of the Stay at Home Order.


    Cross Country Coach Cappel : lwcap@aol.com

    Girls Golf Coach Perez : rbp523@comcast.net

    Girls Tennis Coach Daquioag : jdaquioag@smuhsd.org

    Swimming Coach Wong : cwong95.cw@gmail.com



    If you have any questions regarding medical clearance and Sportsnet, please email Ms. Talya Franco in the Health Office : tfranco_temp@smuhsd.org.  Ms. Franco is subbing for Mrs Durham.

    Thank you.

    Timothy Keller

    Athletic Director