Welcome Aragon Students!

  • Incoming, new, and prospective students can find even more information here.

    Aragon High School is home to approximately 1,750 students - each one of them an individual.  At Aragon, students and their families come first. We know our purpose is to educate all students to the best of our abilities and we do not lose sight of this. All decisions are made with the interests of students in mind, first and foremost. We strive to be a place of mutual respect where students actively pursue intellectual and extracurricular excellence.

    One of our goals is to ensure that all students are not only prepared for college and career, but that they are also prepared to participate in the communities they choose to inhabit after their high school years have ended.   While students are here, we want them to connect to their school, their community, and to each other, in positive and enriching ways. We are excited to have students take full advantage of all of the opportunities that will be open to you during your time at Aragon.  We believe that academics, extra curriculars, and relationships with staff will provide a strong foundation for your experience. High school can be fun, exciting, and rewarding but we understand that it can also be challenging, and stressful at the same time. Fortunately, your teachers, counselors, administrators, staff and families are here to help support you. 

    The Student Activities Calendar is below.  All other calendars, including Main Events, Athletics, and Parent Activites can be found on the website.