Welcome to San Mateo Adult School

  • Resources to Help You

    San Mateo Adult School provides students with resources to help you achieve success in college, career and community.  Look to the left for a list of resources to help you.

    Student IDs

    With 40 hours of class credit, all San Mateo Adult School students can get a photo ID.  Talk to your teacher to find out if you have enough hours to get one.  Check the main San Mateo Adult School calendar for the next Student ID photo session.

    Active Student Community Life

    The San Mateo Adult School student community is very active, creating and participating in both school and community events.  

    Take time to get to know other students.  Relax outside on benches provided by the Student Council or in the Student Lounge in Room 32.  Find your place in the community.  

    Many student in Red for Adult Ed on Tuesday Red for Adult Ed on Tuesdays

    On Tuesdays, we wear Red for Adult Ed to promote Adult Education and pride in our school.

    Student Council Leaders sell red t-shirts on Tuesdays at breaktime.


    Healthy Minds and Bodies Learn Faster

    Stay healthy and hydrated.  Fill your water bottle from the Flowater filtered systems provided by the district.  Be careful not to overflow - there is no drain.  There is a Flowater system in the SMART Center and the Student Lounge.  

    Stay fueled up with healthy snacks, bottled water and beverages, and coffee - all available by machines in the Student Lounge.  Bring your own meals and heat them up in microwaves purchased by the Student Council.  Keep it clean and neat, please, so others may enjoy also.

    And check out our new 5-Saturday Community Health Workshops for ESL Students!

    Contributions Welcome!

    Got an idea to make San Mateo Adult School better?  Put it in the Suggestion Box in the Student Lounge in Room 32!