• The San Mateo Athletic Department seeks to field competitive teams that encourage student-athletes to exhibit a winning effort, good sportsmanship, and demonstrate respect for all.

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    We believe student-athletes are an integral part of the educational experience. The mission of the San Mateo High School Athletic Department is to provide as many student-athletes as possible an opportunity to participate successfully in our athletic programs.

    The San Mateo Athletic Department seeks to field competitive teams that encourage student-athletes to exhibit a winning effort, good sportsmanship, and demonstrate respect for all.
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  • PAL All-League Congratulations to the following Winter Sport student athletes who were recognized by the PAL on All League Teams. 

    Boys’ Soccer Bay Division
    Defender of the Year: Liam Griffin (Sr., Burlingame)

    First Team
    Liam Griffin (Sr., Burlingame), Nico Flores (Sr., Burlingame), Jack Parker (Jr., Aragon), Mason Floro (Jr., Hillsdale)

    Second team
    Andrew Morales (Sr., Burlingame), Jared Dunning (Sr., Burlingame), Roman Misner (Jr., Aragon), Zane Stokesberry (Jr., Aragon), Zach Leighton (So., Hillsdale),

    Honorable mention
    Calvin Potter (So., Burlingame), Reece Testa (Sr., Burlingame), David Shasky (Jr., Burlingame), Samuel Pappas (Jr., Aragon), Wilson Duan (So., Aragon), Breen Mee (Sr., Hillsdale), Parker Crouse (Sr., Hillsdale)

    Boys’ Soccer Ocean Division
    Player of the Year: Djelani Phillips (Sr., San Mateo)

    Offensive Players of the Year: Djelani Phillips (Sr., San Mateo), Jose Chavolla (Sr., Capuchino)

    Midfielders of the Year included: Justin Lauer (Sr., Mills)

    Defenders of the Year included: Josh Atkinson (Sr., Capuchino)

    First team
    Djelani Phillips (Sr., San Mateo), Luis Mora (Sr., San Mateo), Auner Barrios Vasquez (Sr., San Mateo), Sanath Vaka (Sr., San Mateo), Omar Esquivel Munoz (Sr., Capuchino), Jose Chavolla (Sr., Capuchino), Fernando Nugaray (Sr., Capuchino), Justin Lauer (Sr., Mills)

    Second team
    Erik Castro (Sr., Capuchino), Enrique Santa Maria (Sr., Capuchino), Edgar Munoz (Sr., Capuchino), Seth Yee (Sr., Mills), Joseph Lev (Jr., San Mateo), Luis Rodriguez (So., San Mateo), Leonardo Martinez (So., San Mateo),

    Honorable mention
    Carlos Morales (Sr., San Mateo), Charlie Chetcuti (Jr., Capuchino), Jose Sanchez (Sr., Mills), Markos Wong (Sr., Mills), Ryan Collins (So., San Mateo), Diego Alvardo (Sr., Capuchino),

    Girls’ Soccer Bay Division

    Defenders of the year included: Courtney Koch (Sr., Burlingame)

    First team
    Courtney Koch (Sr., Burlingame), Kaelyn Luebke (So., Aragon)

    Second team
    Ella Macko (So., Burlingame), Sophia Young (Sr., Burlingame), Abby Chang (Sr., Aragon)

    Honorable mention
    Lillian Potter (Sr., Burlingame), Kerry Wakasa (Jr., Burlingame), Sabine Cismoski (Sr., Aragon)

    Girls' Soccer Ocean Division

    Striker of the Year: Paige Hardman (Jr., Hillsdale)

    Forwards of the Year included: Konstantina Konidaris (So., Capuchino) 

    Goalkeeper of the Year: Catherine Bussani (Jr., Capuchino)

    First team
    Catherine Bussani (Sr., Capuchino), Jaeda Flores (Sr., Capuchino), Konstantina Konidaris (So., Capuchino), Nina Schmier (So., Hillsdale), Pagie Hardman (Jr., Hillsdale), Marina Wong (Sr., Mills), Romy Alberts (Sr., San Mateo)

    Second team
    Aliza Perez (Sr., Capuchino), Delilah Martindale (Jr., Capuchino), Amber Bussani (Jr., Capuchino), Katia Economou (Sr., Hillsdale), Alyssa Cano (Sr., Hillsdale), Rika Hensley (Sr., Mills), Jordan Seyfried (Sr., San Mateo),

    Honorable mention
    Sarah Muldowny (Sr., Capuchino), Summer Ferris (Jr., Capuchino), Jasmine McKelvey (Sr., Hillsdale), Kurumi Kaneko (Jr., Hillsdale), Chiarra Bettucchi (So., Mills), Jennifer Sun (Jr., Mills), Chloe Miran (Sr., San Mateo)

    Girls' Basketball South Division

    MVP: Lydia Manu (Sr., Aragon)

    First team
    Lydia Manu (Sr., Aragon), Jaisa Gamble (Jr., Capuchino), Chloe Tam (Sr., Mills), Bailey Fong (So., Hillsdale), Ava Uhrich (Fr., Burlingame)

    Second team
    Jordan Beaumont (So., Aragon), Victoria Williams (Jr., Mills)

    Honorable mention
    Bailey O’Mahoney (Jr., Capuchino), Allison Gonzalves (Jr., Burlingame), Seilala Lautaimi (Jr., Aragon), Mabryn Manu (So., Aragon), Makena Nitao (Fr., Hillsdale), Akanesi Hafoka (Sr., San Mateo), Arianna Jordan (So., Capuchino), Samathan Kershner (Sr., Burlingame), Rachel Dumandan (Sr., Mills)

    Boys’ Basketball South Division

    First team
    Shawn Cotton Jr. (Sr., Hillsdale), 

    Second team
    Murphy Caffo (Jr., Aragon), Miles Klapper (So., Burlingame), JD Carson (Sr., M-A), Aden Nolet (Jr., San Mateo), 

    Honorable mention
    Michael Matsuno (Sr., Mills), Pat Volkman (Sr., Capuchino), Jace Jeremiah (Jr., Aragon), Sean Richardson (So., Burlingame), David Canabou (Sr., San Mateo), Will Uhrich (So., Burlingame), Matt Chan (Sr., Hillsdale)


    Girls’ Wrestling

    Weight Class: 103
    Second Team: Yoshira Fajaro (Sr., Aragon); 

    Weight Class: 108
    First Team: Jude Sarsour (Jr., San Mateo)

    Weight Class: 113
    First Team: Annalese Leung (So., Mills)

    Weight Class: 118
    Honorable Mention: Kassidy Lam (Fr., Mills)

    Weight Class: 133
    Second Team: Ariana McPike (Fr., Capuchino)

    Weight Class: 152
    Honorable Mention: Kylie Seufert (Jr., Capuchino)

    Weight Class: 162
    Second Team: Rina Smith (Sr., Aragon)

    Weight Class: 172
    Honorable Mention: Sharlene Havili (Fr., Mills); HM — Jill Collins (Fr., Aragon)

    Boys’ Wrestling

    Weight Class: 108
    Second Team: Vinaet Ruocco (Fr., Burlingame)
    Honorable Mention: Timothy Tulloch Jr. (Fr., San Mateo)

    Weight Class: 115
    Honorable Mention: Evan Pozzo (Jr., Burlingame)

    Weight Class: 122
    First Team: Cian Hennebry (Jr., Burlingame)

    Weight Class: 134
    Second Team: Josa Wong (Sr., Burlingame)
    Honorable Mention: Josh Aguliar (So., Capuchino), Benjamin Lui (Sr., San Mateo)

    Weight Class: 140
    First Team: Kyle Botelho (Sr., Burlingame)

    Weight Class: 147
    Honorable Mention: Christian Sawyer (So., Burlingame)

    Weight Class: 162
    Second Team: Evan Jones (Sr., Burlingame)

    Weight Class: 172
    Second Team: Mohammed Sarsour (Jr., San Mateo)

    Weight Class: 197
    Second Team: Robert Ennis (Jr., Burlingame)

    Weight Class: 222
    Second Team: Armand Royeca (Sr., Capuchino)
    Honorable Mention: Trevor Macko (Sr., Burlingame)

    Weight Class: 287
    First Team: Soan Kolokihakaufisi (Jr., San Mateo);
    Honorable Mention: Xavier Bruening (So., Burlingame)