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    Science Department Mission Statement

    Aragon High School's Science Department seeks to provide a rigorous academic and quality laboratory experience for all students. Our courses are aligned with state standards and are delivered in an environment that provides rich, multimodal opportunities for all students to access content information. Laboratories enhance this environment and allow our students to apply content knowledge to real problems. We strive to educate informed, aware, scientifically literate citizens.

    Students are required to complete 20 credits (2 years) of science for graduation with 10 credits of Life/Biological Science and 10 credits of Physical Science.

    Biological Sciences

    Physical Sciences

    Anatomy and Physiology
    AP Biology
    AP Environmental Science
    Biotechnology 1, 2 (CTE credit for SMUHSD)

    AP Chemistry
    AP Environmental Science
    AP Physics 1, C

    All courses, unless otherwise noted, are UC/CSU - D Science approved courses.

    All science courses are designed to teach the underlying principles of their specific discipline as described in the State of California Science Framework. Science classes are taught in sequential units, which build upon one another with the fall semester as a prerequisite for the spring semester. Material is presented through a combination of lectures and demonstrations, hands-on laboratory experiments, group and individual problems solving, homework, and video material. A command of the appropriate level of mathematics is essential. All tests and quizzes utilize word problem solving techniques and scientific notation.