• Peninsula High School offers a variety of pedagogical strategies to help serve our sophomore, junior, and senior-level English classes.  Essential questions and standards are communicated and student progress is assessed with a combination of formative and summative assessments.  

    English III

    Critical questions that will be explored through the course:

    • How do we become critical and observant citizens?
    • How and why do authors, artists, and the media affect their audience?
    • How do works of literature, art, and the media affect us?

    Course Description:

    In 11th grade English, students will read a variety of novels, short stories and poems in order to expand their ability to analyze text both for content and rhetoric. In English class, we will constantly ask ourselves the critical questions above and grapple with moral issues that come up in our texts. Students will be encouraged to think deeply and critically about the texts they read in class as well the texts and media that they are exposed to in other aspects of their lives. We will explore literary analysis through discussion, writing and presentation.

    This class will require students to think through multiple lenses in order to show mastery of the content.

    Students will not only be exposed to texts that challenge their thinking and understanding of the world around them, but most importantly, they will be equipped with the thinking and analytical skills that will better prepare them for life beyond.