Welcome to the Social Science Department

  • Curriculum in the Social Science Department is designed to provide all students with an understanding and appreciation of modern world history (which includes regional studies), United States history, government, and economics. Students will also be taught the basic concepts and skills used in the social science disciplines. Modern World History, United States History, Government, and Economics are all in alignment with the California History/Social Science Framework. In an attempt to improve vital basic skills, stress is placed on reading and writing in all classes. Students with strong interest and talent in the social studies are urged to participate in the Advanced Studies-Advanced Placement Program. The department also encourages students to participate in extracurricular activities that directly relate to social studies such as Mock Trial, Model United Nations, Junior Statesmen of America, and Sojourn to the Past. Students with a strong interest in social studies or who are considering careers in business, education, or counseling should consider taking Psychology, which is open to students in grades 10-12. Students interested in learning how to become more effective group leaders should consider running for a student government office and enrolling in Leadership Training.

    Required Courses for Graduation (College Preparatory or Advanced Standing/Advanced Placement)

    Grade  9: Modern World History 1 (one semester)

    Grade 10: Modern World History 2 AND Contemporary World Studies

    Grade 11: United States History

    Grade 12 : American Government AND Economics


    Psychology Advanced Placement