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Vilma Olivera

I came to the U.S. 17 years ago, together with my five year old daughter.My daughter has attended U.S. public schools from first grade through high school and that was my first experience with the educational system in the U.S. 

I worked at a hotel front desk for six years, and for another seven years at a nonprofit agency serving victims of domestic abuse.  The past four years I have worked in the San Mateo Union High School District working as a Family Engagement Coordinator in two schools.  I work three days a week at Hillsdale and two days at Mills. 

My formal education has been mostly in Peru; I studied to be a tourism guide and worked in tourism for about fifteen years. Cada College and College of San Mateo have also been a very important part of my education– but more than anything, I learn from the families I serve.

My vocation was always social work and I love the work I do in my two schools. Serving families with the right information about the school system and providing the resources in the community to better support their children’s education and wellbeing, aligns with my personal mission.  Along the way, I have learned more and received more than I gave!