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  • The San Mateo Union High School District and all of its schools host numerous family education events throughout the year. From college planning to teenage mental health, from how to help your teen navigate their four years of high school to how to address substance abuse, we have family education events on important relevant teen topics. And very importantly, they are often free to very low cost.

    We hope you join us for as many of these family events as possible.

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Upcoming / Recorded Events

  • Upcoming Events

    There are no events currently scheduled. 

    Event Recordings

    Community Resiliency Model Training

    The Community Resiliency Model (CRM)® is a mental health training for parents, caregivers, and community members to support families and their wider social network. The primary focus of this skills-based program is to re-set the natural balance of the nervous system in order to bring the body, mind, and spirit back into greater balance.

    CRM® Trainers:

    • Mary McGrath, Executive Director of Safe and Supportive Schools, SMCOE
    • Molly Henricks, Coordinator of School Safety and Risk Prevention, SMCOE
    • Shana Karashima, Coordinator of Multi-Tiered Systems of Support, SUHSD

    This two-part workshop (Part 1 and Part 2) focuses on the six CRM wellness skills, as well as the neuroscience behind the model. CRM is sponsored by the San Mateo County Office of Education and Sequoia Union High School District, in partnership with The Parent Venture.

    CRM Training: Part 1

    CRM Training: Part 2

    How to They/Them: A Guide to Nonbinary Pronouns

    What does nonbinary really mean? What is gender nonconforming? And isn't they a plural pronoun? Stuart Getty, a real-life, they-using genderqueer writer, unpacks all your burning questions in a fun, visual way.

    Watch the recording.

    The Neuroscience of Addiction with Dr. Anna Lembke, Stanford University

    Anna Lembke, MD, professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford School of Medicine, appeared in the Netflix documentary, The Social Dilemma. This webinar takes a hard look at the impact of social media, video games, and technology on our brains.

    Watch the recording.

    Family Talk: Vaping Webinar 

    A live panel of presenters from SMFCSD and SMUHSD will be hosting the discussion. All of the presenters work in the field of Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE) and work with youth directly. 

    Watch the recording.

    Topics included:

    • What are vapes and what do they contain?
    • What are the health risks?
    • Why do teens use them?
    • How can you help a young person who is using nicotine?

    Mira la grabación Foro Virtual De Familias Latinas:  Regreso a la escuela 

    Temas incluidos:

    • Las cuatro Pilares para Reapertura de Escuelas
    • Cuestionario de Salud y Toma de Temperatura
    • Pruebas
    • Modelo educativo
    • Otros temas de importancia

    Additional Recordings

    The Parent Venture Webinar Recordings can be found in their video library. Recordings from other presenters can be found below. 

    Parenting Adolescents in the Time of Covid
    A discussion on navigating relationships with teenagers in current times.    

    Presenter: Katherine K. Peterson, Ph.D., Licensed Educational Psychologist

    Rooted in compassion for parents during these bizarre and challenging times, Licensed Educational Psychologist Dr. Katherine Peterson will review practical tips for engaging and connecting with your teenager, offering resources for families to connect with one another and share their collective wisdom.

    Watch the February 24, 2021 recording.

    Student Success in Distance Learning

    Watch the September 1, 2020 recording

    Presentation: English|Spanish

Parent Education Series Video Library

  • Subscribe to the Parent Education Series YouTube Channel to access their library of parent education workshop recordings.


foro virtual en español

  • Acceda a grabaciones de eventos de educación familiar grabados en español. 

    DACA: Infórmese Sobre este Programa para Jóvenes Inmigrantes Indocumentados 

    Mira la grabación del foro virtual en espanol del 25 de enero

    Alex Chávez Andrade, consejero académico de la escuela Capuchino, nos compartirá su experiencia y conocimiento sobre la Orden Ejecutiva y proceso de DACA.

    • ¿Qué es DACA? ¿Quién es elegible?                   
    • ¿Qué documentos puedo juntar?
    • Y dónde solicitar ayuda para su proceso.

    Servicios Esenciales para la Comunidad 

    Mira la grabación del foro virtual en espanol del 7 de diciembre
    Passcode: =0EmY^A*

    Julio Campos, representante de la Casa Samaritana, nos informará de los servicios básicos y de emergencia disponibles para estabilizar su situación de vida.  La coordinación de servicios puede incluir:

    • Vivienda 
    • Alimentos
    • Cuidado de salud y cuidado dental
    • Servicios Financieros 
    • Programas de niños 
    • Y otros más 

    COVID-19: Separando Creencias y Mitos de Realidad

    Mira la grabación del foro virtual en español del 19 de octubre. 
    Passcode: 8Ac@u#33

    Hay mucha información circulando sobre COVID-19 en nuestra comunidad y medios de comunicación.

    Escuchemos a un profesional de Stanford hablar sobre COVID-19 separando creencias de realidades y cómo mantener saludables a nuestra familia y comunidad.