Principal's Message

  • July 26, 2019

    Welcome Back Mustangs! 

    As we complete preparations for the upcoming school year, I hope that the end of summer break finds you well. We are eager to welcome you back to school next month. Below you will find information, a few thoughts, and upcoming dates for the 2019-20 school year. Just as we ask our students, our goal as a school is to consistently grow and improve.

    What’s new for next year?

    As an IB School, we will continue to expand the ways in which we support the IB Learner Profile. This will occur for both students and families. For students, you’ll find that classroom experiences more explicitly address these attributes across all courses and grade levels. For parents/guardians, we’ll be more strategic in connecting the IB Learner Profile for events which you attend, such as Back to School Night and Open House. 

    In addition, we have made a handful of policy changes in the areas of dress code and attendance. For instance, after a great deal of analysis and deliberation, we have removed the ban on red and blue student attire. It is our belief that this will not impact the physical safety of our campus, while it will reduce negative student-staff interactions and perceptions of bias. Please review the contents of the Student Handbook (copies available in the Main Office and on the website) and let us know if you have any questions. Ultimately, it is my belief that we are at our best as a community when we hold our students to high standards, with love and accountability.

    Finally, we will continue to build and add to existing academic and social/emotional initiatives that have demonstrated positive outcomes. This includes academic language support, piloting a new math curriculum, along with restorative and mindfulness practices. For the coming year, our Athletic Leadership Club will enter their second year at Capuchino, looking to create more leadership opportunities for students on campus. We’ll also be recruiting interested students to participate in Capuchino’s Robotics Club to further apply their learning. 

    Focus on Community

    As I spent time examining our annual Healthy Kids Survey results, it was clear that we have room for growth in increasing feelings of student connectedness. Unfortunately, this is true for many high schools. For the coming year, we will be working in various ways to create more authentic student connections. 

    • Our 9th/10th grade teams have revised the team goal to state, “the freshmen and sophomore teams will foster a community that promotes the building of academic and social-emotional skills necessary for success.” 
    • Capuchino High School students will be able to attend athletic contests (with the exception of CCS Playoffs), our play, and musical free of charge by utilizing their student ID. More information will be provided to students at the start of the school year.
    • For the first time, we have added a 9th Grade Welcome Day (details below). On August 13th, our incoming students will engage in a series of activities, in partnership with an upper class student for future support. 

     Capuchino Growth Fund

    Unfortunately school district and state funds do not fully cover the costs of our important work at Capuchino High School. This includes providing all students at Capuchino a transformative experience through 9th/10th Grade Small Learning Communities, the International Baccalaureate program, and the expansion of application learning opportunities. The Capuchino High School Growth Fund seeks to cover some of this gap and increase the quality of education for all of our students by providing money for staff training, teacher grants, and community events. You will find information enclosed on how to participate and support this work. This year, resources allowed each of our teachers to collaborate over the summer for one full additional day, embedding the IB Learner Profile into student tasks. Please participate in any way you can. Your support is critical to our success!

    As always, if you have thoughts, questions, or feedback I hope that you will reach out. We want to be both proactive in our school improvement efforts, while also ensuring that we are responsive to urgent needs.



    Jesse Boise