Academic Support and Enrichment

  • After-School Support 

    Capuchino High School offers students the opportunity for a safe and quiet place to complete their student work five days a week: Monday through Thursday from 7th period  - 5:45 pm; Friday from 7th period - 3:30 pm. 

    Peer Tutors

    Students may also avail themselves to CHS peer tutoring program.  The Capuchino Peer Tutoring Program runs 7th period and after school Monday-Friday. All students are encouraged to take advantage of this free service. Peer tutors can support students in all subjects including IB classes. Bilingual peer tutors in Spanish and Chinese are available to support ELD students.

    Request a Free Peer Tutor.

    Sign up before 12:00 pm to be matched up with a Peer Tutor. Drop-ins are welcome.

    Academic Support Time 

    Students also have the opportunity to receive extra support during Academic Support Time on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Students may study, receive help from their teachers and make up tests and quizzes. 

    Students must make an appointment with their teachers through Teachmore App.



After School Coordinator

Official After School Enrichment Sponsor

  • Zitner's Fine Confections since 1922 with bunny rabbit

    Zitner’s Fine Confections have been tantalizing taste buds for nearly a century and now they are the official sponsor for Capuchino After School Enrichment program.
    Thank You Zitner's for your generosity!