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    Is now available for listening and viewing. 
    Please do not distribute. This is for school use only.
    Click here for the play!  Enjoy!  
    Or, click on the YouTube link at:  https://youtu.be/uzSQzb-aAcQ 
    This powerful and immersive Radio Play production tells the shocking story of the Salem Witch Trials 
    Immerse yourself in the sounds of terror and history as only Arthur Miller could tell it
    Donate $5 if you can via the Drama Guild. This show is available to everyone and stars...
    • David Cortez (12) as John Proctor
    • Meghan Kelly (12) as Abigail Williams
    • Madison Schoening (11) as Elizabeth Proctor
    • Erik Headley (11) as Reverend Hale and Thomas Putnam
    • Ben Garcia (11) as Judge Danforth
    • Trinity Cato-Cristales (11) as Mary Warren
    • Lachlan MacLaren (9) as Reverend Parris
    • Gianluca Bettucchi (9) as Francis Nurse and John Cheever
    • Heather Galles (11) as the Narrator
    Baby Yoda says "Wait you can for my show. Watch Crucible you must on Friday!"