Welcome to the Special Education Department

  • There are two distinct programs in the Special Education Department at Mills High School:  Specialized Academic Instruction (SAI), and The Bay Academy. There is also the Therapeutic Elective Class (TEC). SMUHSD ensures that each student with an IEP is placed in the least restrictive environment and receives services as appropriate, including Directed Studies, Speech & Language Therapy, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Adapted PE, and Mental Health support. Students in the Specialized Academic Instruction (SAI) Program are fully included and placed in mainstream courses for a high majority of the school day.  The students in the Specialized Academic Instruction Program receive a period of Directed Studies, which is a support class to help them access the mainstream curriculum and work on their goals and objectives. Mills High School also has implemented classes co-taught by a general education teacher and special education teacher, allowing further support for students. Students in TEC have access to a self-contained classroom and individualized therapeutic services. While a part of TEC, students are working on individualized general education curriculum in Directed Studies periods. All students have differing schedules specific to their individual needs. Students in the SAI and TEC programs work towards a diploma. SMUHSD’s Bay Academy is designed for students with mild, moderate, and severe disabilities; students in this programworktowards a Certificate of Achievementand benefit from a small group, special day setting. The Bay Academy's goal is to provide students with the academic, functional, and occupational skills to enable them to compete in a job market per their abilities and well developed skills.  The Bay Academy program makes content relevant and concrete for students through life skills, social skills, functional academics, vocational training, community based instruction and work based learning.

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