• Alumni, We Want To Hear From You!

    At San Mateo Adult School, we love hearing from Alumni - former students.  Your successes tells us we are doing a good job.  Your feedback about your time at San Mateo Adult School shows us where we can improve.  Your wisdom helps current and future students.


    Alumni Inspire and Guide

    Sometimes former students return to our school for events, to talk to current students or to speak on Success Panels.  We really appreciate their visits and their willingness to share what they know and have learned.  Alumni light a way forward for others.


    Everyone’s story and experience is important.

    Learning English, volunteering in the community or a child's classroom, obtaining a high school diploma, starting college or obtaining a degree, getting a job or promotion, starting a business, embarking on a new career - each of these accomplishments takes many steps.  Alumni can advise others how to accomplish their goals, step by step, going around obstacles, and finding the best way forward.


    Share Your Story and Keep in Touch

    Please keep in touch and share your story and contact info with us.  (Your contact information is confidential and is not shared with others.) 

    Click here to share your story.

    To see what other alumni are doing or have done, check out San Mateo Adult School Success Stories.