• Glossary of IB Terms

    SL - Standard Level - this can be a class or an examination.

    HL - Higher Level - this can be a class or an examination. Higher Level exams/ courses are more rigorous than SL.

    EE - Extended Essay - the major research paper of at least 4,000 words which is required for diploma students only. They begin this in spring of their junior years and finish by December or January of their senior years. This paper is sent to moderators around the world to be graded.

    IA - Internal Assessment - These refer to various assignments in each subject that are conducted during the course, assigned and evaluated by the teacher, and then a sample set is sent off to a moderator to validate or modify the marks assigned by the classroom teachers.

    Moderation - when a sample of work is sent elsewhere to be examined by official IB examiners. This process ensures that the same standards and criteria are applied across the board when it comes to grading.

    Paper - the term used for each part of an IB diploma examination. Each examination consists of at least two papers, each of which is a test that lasts between 45 minutes and 150 minutes.

    Invigilator - the term used for adults who monitor IB exams as they take place. We also use the term proctor for these people.

    IBO - the International Baccalaureate Organization - this is the world wide organization based in Geneva, Switzerland.

    TOK - Theory of Knowledge - this is a class in which students learn to critically assess differing claims to knowledge that come from several disciplines.

    CAS - Creativity, Action, Service - this is the extra-curricular component of the diploma program. All diploma students must to 150 hours of CAS, 50 in each category, to earn the IB Diploma.

    Diploma Student - this is a student who is planning to complete the IB diploma here at Capuchino. This student will sit for six exams, do 150 hours of CAS, write an EE and take IB TOK.

    IB Certificate Student - this is a student who is taking between one and five IB courses and will test in some of them.