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  • Art Overview:

    The visual arts are a critical component of our growth as human beings. Whether we are viewing or producing art we are developing skills of problem-solving, communication, decision-making and discipline. Our art program has a comprehensive curriculum in which students have experiences in making art (art production), develop skills in expressing ideas about the nature of art, both orally and through writing (aesthetics), analyze and form judgments about art works (art criticism), and appreciate the significance of art through time in human cultures (art history). 

    In all art courses offered, student achievement is measured through observed growth in skills, work-habits, problem-solving ability, care and safe use of supplies and equipment, cooperation and understanding of others, and the timely submission of all class work, homework, and written assignments.

    Faculty Dana Dillworth.

  • Dana Dillworth


    Dana came to San Francisco to attend the San Francisco Art Institute and became a member of an artist community who worked with SF Planning Commissioner Louise Renne and Bay Area Lawyers for the Arts to create artist live-work housing.  She used her printmaking skills to create PR materials for non-profit organizations, then moved into TV Production and Station Management.  Before the internet, she worked in foreign-language programming at KTSF and Univision when their only public outlet was cable.  Upon completing a transmitter switchover to HD, Dana went back to San Francisco State University for their teacher credential program to pursue her passion, which is teaching art. Her student teaching was with Zan Truman at Capuchino High and her first year of teaching was at Hillsdale High. She has had the fortune to teach in several districts in the Bay Area and love to share the wonderful lessons she has gathered. 
    Ms. Dana Dillworth