• SMUHSD Board of Trustees Passes Resolution Declaring Friday, March 23, 2018 “The Day of Student Registration to Vote” 

    As educators, we are struggling to figure out the right response to our students’ growing interest in being politically active. The one thing we all agree is that the ballot box is the ultimate place to participate in local, state, and national issues. Voter registration laws in California were changed in 2014 to allow all sixteen and seventeen year olds to preregister to vote. 

    At the February 22, 2018 school board meeting, students and staff asked the Board to pass a resolution declaring Friday, March 23, 2018 “The Day of Student Registration to Vote” and the Board passed this resolution at the March 8, 2018 meeting. In all junior U.S. History classes and all senior Economics/Government classes, students will be engaged in activities surrounding our country’s history of voting rights and will be given the opportunity to register to vote if they are eligible to do so. Our hope is that each and every eligible junior and senior will do so, but they will not be required as part of the activities. The goal of the SMUHSD team will be to register all of our students and to increase the overall percent of young people casting their vote for candidates and measures that reflect their values.

    Please note that translations of the resolution in both Spanish and Chinese will be coming soon!


    Resolution in Celebration of the Right to Vote (English)