Student Ambassadors

  • What is the Student Ambassador Program?

    The Student Ambassador Program is a volunteer opportunity for students who are dedicated to serving and representing San Mateo Adult School. This is an important part of the San Mateo Adult School volunteering program along with the Student Council and Student Interpreters on Call. 

    Student Ambassadors What does a Student Ambassador do?

    • Welcome and greet public incoming new students during English Secondary Language orientation.
    • Assist  in interpreting and translating registration forms.
    • Assist in administering assessment tests.
    • Conduct campus tours for new students.
    • Represent San Mateo Adult School during school events.
    • Work with diverse populations and provide tips on being a successful student.
    • Assist with variety of office related tasks.
    • Take photos for student Identification cards.
    • Practice their English skills.
    • Learn and use office and workforce readiness skills.
    • Serve as SMAS reps at SMAS and community events.


    What are the benefits of becoming a Student Ambassador?

    As a Student Ambassador you will develop a wide range of transferable skills that will benefit you. Employers, colleges and universities are looking for more than just good grades; they want community involvement and service! Student Ambassadors will gain leadership skills that will help build your resume, university and scholarship applications. You will earn letters of recommendations, get connected to and serve your school, and help students and the community learn more about the San Mateo Adult School. Student Ambassadors will also earn volunteer hours and will receive a certificate after completing 12+ hours of volunteering. Student Ambassadors also have the opportunity to take a workforce/soft skills class that will earn them a certificate upon completion.

    Student Ambassador Coordinators

    Marina Kravtosava and Tia Marlowe are the Student Ambassador program coordinators.

    Marina Kravtsova:

    Tia Marlowe:

    Student Ambassador Advisors and Student



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