2021-2022 Sports Schedules

  • Athletics Workout/Tryout Schedules For Fall 2021 

    In the next few weeks, we will begin our workout/tryout schedule for all Fall Athletic teams according to the schedule below.  Up to date competition schedules can be found on the Athletics page of the school website. 


    Starting August 6, 

    1.Varsity and JV Football = 11:00 issue gear near weight room, 4:00 workout on stadium field

    August 9 - 13 workouts begin at 3:45 on stadium field

    Coach Thorson - coachthorson@gmail.com


    2. Cross Country = 3:30 on west end of track

    August 9, 10, 11 workouts begin at 3:30

    August 12 and 13 workouts begin at 3:45

    Coach Cappel - lwcap@aol.com


    Starting August 9,

    1.Varsity, JV and Freshman Girls Volleyball = 6:00 in the main gym

    August 9 - 13 workouts begin at 6:00 in the main gym

    Coach Ngai - lsngai@yahoo.com

    Coach Lauchengco - elah6410@gmail.com


    2.Varsity and JV Boys Water Polo = 5:00 on the pool deck

    August 9 - 13 workouts begin at 5:00 on the pool deck

    Coach Zamecki - zachzam24@gmail.com


    3. Varsity Girls Tennis = 4:00 at San Mateo HS

    Aug. 12 workout at 4:15 at Burlingame HS

    Aug. 13 workout at 4:00 at Mills

    Coach Daquioag - cdaquioag@smuhsd.org


    Starting August 12

    1.Varsity and JV Girls Water Polo = lunchtime meeting in Room 143

    August 16 - 20 workouts begin at 3:45 on the pool deck

    Coach Anderson - eanderson@smuhsd.org

    Coach Wong - cwong95.cw@gmail.com


    Starting August 16

    1.Varsity Girls Golf = 3:45 on the outdoor volleyball courts

    August 16 - 19 workouts begin at 3:45

    Coach Perez - rbp523@comcast.net

    If you have not already done so, complete all forms on Sportsnet including submission of a current physical exam.  For families completing Sportsnet for the first time, the process takes approximately twenty minutes.  If needed, please schedule for a physical exam as soon as realistically possible.  All athletes are expected to be fully cleared to participate.  


    Beginning on August 6, student athletes should be aware of the following :

    1) Any person with positive COVID symptoms should not come to school to participate.

    3) All coaches and athletes will be screened for signs/symptoms of COVID using the LifeSafe phone App.  Any athlete demonstrating symptoms of COVID will be directed to A) not participate, B) isolate for 10 days, and C) contact their health care professional.  

    4)  At this time, all athletes must wear a mask throughout the duration of any indoor workout.

    5)  Athletes need to bring their own water.  No hydration stations will be used.  Water bottles must not be shared. 

    6) Equipment can be shared among athletes within the program.  Proper disinfection techniques will be used both before and after each workout by the coaching staff.

    7) It is highly recommended that athletes shower and wash their workout clothes immediately upon returning home.


    If you have any sport specific questions, please reach out to your specific sport coach.

    If you have any questions regarding medical clearance and Sportsnet, please email Mrs. Durham in the Health Office at ldurham@smuhsd.org .

    Welcome back and thank you.

    Timothy Keller

    Athletic Director



    Sports Schedules (stay tuned for more schedules as they become available):

    Girls Golf

    Boys Golf

    Girls Varsity Tennis

    Boys Varsity Tennis

    Girls JV and Varsity Softball

    Boys Varsity Wrestling

    Girls Varsity Wrestling

    Boys Water Polo

    Girls Water Polo

    MHS Football

    Girls Volleyball

    Boys Volleyball

    Boys Cross County

    Girls Cross County

    Girls Soccer

    Boys Soccer

    Girls Swimming

    Boys Swimming

    Boys Basketball

    Girls Basketball

    Boys Baseball

    Boys Track and Field

    Girls Track and Field

    Coed Varsity Badminton