• Who is a SAIL Student?

    A SAIL student is any Mills 9th grade student who decides that they want to begin their high school experience with a cooperative and integrated group of teachers and students. There are no applications or prerequisites.

    What is SAIL?

    SAIL is a HETEROGENEOUS cohort of  60-70 9th grade students who all have the same Biology, English, Math, P.E., and Health/Ethnic Studies teachers. Teachers regularly meet to discuss student successes and progress. Students also have an Advisory class that counts for elective credit. 

    What do SAIL students do that is special?

    In the past, SAIL students have gone on Field Trips to the Ropes Course at Ft. Miley, GILEAD Sciences in Foster City, the De Young Museum and the California Academy of Sciences as well as guest speakers, such as Mills and SAIL alumni. SAIL students have an elective Advisory class where they not only learn about how to make the transition to High School, but also learn about themselves and begin making their 4 year plan. For example, in the past students have interviewed their parents about their school experiences. Some of those interviews are not part of the National Archives as a part of the U.S. program StoryCorps.

    “I feel happier. I don’t feel alone in working with challenging students and situations. The team approach has been really supportive."

    -SAIL student


    What do SAIL students get out of SAIL?

    A SAIL student is known to their teachers. Their teachers meet each week to discuss, not only the progress of our students, but also how the classes overlap. For example, Biology and Algebra work together to improve student graphing skills or develop calculating percentage change. Another example is how Ethnic Studies and English work together to improve student writing skills. Teachers also regularly interview students to check on their progress but also see where teachers can do better. In the meetings, we plan team building activities, student recognition and help find resources for students who may need them.


    SAIL is NOT...

    • a tracking program

    • a remedial program

    • a program for struggling students

    • just for students from outside Millbrae


    So why should a student choose SAIL?

    Here are what some students have said...

    The main aspect of [SAIL] Advisory that I found to be helpful was the the teachers I had worked together to create a program that works for all of the SAIL students. This has made the transition into high school much easier for me as well as many other students in this program. I believe that advisory should be continued next year. I think that it would be very beneficial for the incoming freshman class.”  - SAIL Alumnus


    "Oh, definitely. SAIL helped deepen my friendships from Taylor. I mean I was friends with them already but seeing them in many of my classes really helped me get my work done."

    -Wisam A

    What Effect Does SAIL Have on Students?

    Data from the Mills Panoramic Survey rand grade records revealed the following: 

    *SAIL students' grades are equivalent to those of non-SAIL students despite the fact that 65% of the students met criteria to be considered at-risk. 

    *Perception data collected from 9th grade students indicated that student in SAIL:

    *Twice as likely to feel connected with each other, feel part of Mills, enjoy working together

    *Try to do better at school work, feel more noticed by teachers, expect to have a good day.

    "I liked SAIL for a lot of reasons: we had  access to a lot of academic guidance, learned about potential higher education and career options; options that a lot of my friends not in SAIL didn't get. This really helped me on my path to graduation. I definitely benefited from having the same people in most of my classes because I always had a group of people I could rely on if I needed help for a given class."

    -Bobbi F. 

    Mills Class of 2022


    SAIL Program Info Website