Welcome to Peer Tutoring

  • BHS Peer Tutoring

    Burlingame High School offers students a peer tutoring program.  The Burlingame Peer Tutoring Program runs 1pm to 6pm Monday-Friday. All students are encouraged to take advantage of this free service. Peer tutors can support students in all subjects except for language courses. Bilingual peer tutors in Spanish and Chinese are available to support ELD students.

    Request a Free Peer Tutor

    Sign up before 12:00 pm to be matched up with a Peer Tutor. Drop-ins are welcome.

    Tutoring Services Include:

    • Support in all Freshmen subjects except the foreign languages.
    • Provide organization rehab and habits for all grades
    • Resume editing
    • Introduction to FAFSA and assist.org
    • Informing first generation students of available colleges based on their academic performance

    During distance learning, all tutoring with students will be supported via Zoom. 

    Interested In Being A Peer Tutor?

    Would you like to make a positive difference in someone else's life? Join the BHS Peer Tutor Program & become a Peer Tutor!

    We are seeking student tutors who are friendly, responsible, good communicators, and possess a strong academic record. Most importantly, we are seeking students with a genuine desire to help others.

    We have 2 tutoring opportunities available:

    1. Volunteer Tutor: Tutor small groups or one-to-one after school
    2. Paid Tutor: Work as a one-to-one tutor after school (Minimum 3.5 GPA & completion of Algebra 3-4 with "B" or higher).

    Click here to apply

    Please contact Ms. Navarro if you have questions.