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    Students can get help with homework, find study partners, troubleshoot their Canvas assignments and submissions, and meet with English, Science, and Math teachers.

    Coordinator Israel Hakim has created a Canvas course so students can communicate with each other and their tutors and access resources at any time.

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    After School Program Information and Expectations


    • The after school program provides weekly assignment planning, peer student tutoring, academic support from Mills teachers, and progress monitoring.


    • Scheduled appointments are preferred, but drop-ins are accepted. 


    • To set up a weekly schedule or appointments please email me at ihakim@smuhsd.org.


    • Students will be placed in individual breakout rooms to complete work, but may work in groups up to five.


    • The tutoring program is a helpful tool, take advantage of these sessions by remaining on task and productive.


    • Please be respectful to your classmates, tutors, and teachers. 


    • No inappropriate behavior or language while in the break out rooms.


    • Cameras on when working with the tutors to show that you are engaged.


    • We are here to help you and make this transition to virtual learning as seamless as possible. So please do not hesitate to ask for help or support!


    • If you are interested in becoming a student tutor please send me an email!