Focus on Freshman

  • The freshman year is a critical year as students transition from middle school to high school.  With this in mind, Capuchino has intentionally invested into supporting our freshman through programmatic and social support systems.  Below captures our outreach:

    1. Freshman Teams: Each freshman is assigned to work with a cohort of teachers in Physics, History, Health and English.  These teachers have the same behavioral and academic expectations to help simplify the day to day routine and support the freshman by creating a more personalized experience.
    2. Algebra and English Support: 9th graders who are below grade level can be enrolled in support classes to remediate and accelerate so they are ready for the next levels of Math and English.
    3. Freshman Orientation: This day is a fun-filled day for entering 9th graders to get to know other students, including upper classmen, get familiar with the campus and finally receive their class schedules for the year.
    4. Freshman Extra-Curricular Activities: The research proves that students who get involved in school, typically out perform their peers both academically and socially.  We therefore, strongly encourage every freshman to participate in our school activities, clubs and athletic programs.
    5. College Visits: Every 9th graders is invited to participate on our college tours in the Fall semester.  Our school goal promotes college and career and it is never too early to expose students to future higher education options.  In previous years we have taken our freshman classes to UC Berkeley, San Francisco State and San Jose State.

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