• The 9th and 10th Grade Team program at Capuchino High school is a small learning community designed to support the successful transition of 9th grade students from middle to high school and to then continue to support 10th grade students. Within the teams, academic and emotional supports are provided to help students develop essential educational skills. The collaborative structure of the 9th and 10th grade teams creates an environment for students to achieve personal success and to learn and embody the habits of an IB scholar.

    The teams are interdisciplinary and include four courses at the 9th grade level - Science, English, Health and Ethnic Studies - and three courses at the 10th grade level - English, History & Science. Every student within the team will share the same core teachers and team teachers have regular meeting time to collaborate both on student support and common academic practices.  Through this structure, team students become part of a community and culture that provides the support each student needs to succeed academically.

    Team Goals

    Freshman Team:

    • Assurance #1 (Canvas) - We believe in providing students with timely access to assignments for all FT courses on Canvas.
    • Assurance #2 (Organizational System) - We believe in providing an organizational system where students are able to review and retain academic content needed to be successful on FT.
    • Assurance #3 (Community) - We believe in building and maintaining a team community that cultivates a caring and respectful student where collaboration and cooperation reigns true.

    Sophomore Team:

    • Assurance #1 - Canvas - We all believe that students are better equipped to succeed with access to class materials and homework; therefore, we will all post regularly on Canvas with accurate due dates with as many resources as possible.
    • Assurance #2 - Late Work - We all believe students should have multiple opportunities to demonstrate learning while building time management skills; therefore, we all will accept late work. Time limits and grade impact will vary by teacher and assignment.
    • Assurance #3 - Electronic Devices, Cell Phone - We believe that students learn best when focused in a distraction-free environment; therefore, we will provide structure to minimize the distractions created by electronic devices. Structures will vary.

    For more information, contact 9th Grade Team Facilitator, Theresa Colangelo or 10th Grade Team Facilitator, Marc Keirns