• September 2022

    Dear Students, Parents and Guardians,


    On behalf of the 9th and 10th Grade Team teachers, we would like to welcome you to the 2022-2023 school year. We are excited to get to know you all and help you through the next phase of your education.


    The mission of 9th and 10th grade teams at Capuchino high school is to support the transition of 9th grade students from middle to high school by developing skills and mindsets of the IB learner profile for 9th and 10th grade students to succeed and thrive at an IB school.


    The teams are interdisciplinary and include a variety of teachers at both the 9th and 10th grade levels. The 9th grade team includes Physics, English, Health and Ethnic Studies, Special Education, World Language, and Math teachers.  The 10th team includes English, Modern World History, Chemistry, Math, World Language, and Special Education teachers. This year the 9th grade team is focusing on developing self-management skills while the 10th grade team is focusing on developing communication skills of our young scholars. These two focuses are a part of the IB Approaches to Learning that are central to Capuchino’s work as an IB School. 


    We are excited about being back in the classroom and look forward to working with you all and supporting you throughout this school year.


    In community and health,

    Theresa Colangelo Marc Keirns 

    9th Grade Team Facilitator 10th Grade Team Facilitator

    9th Grade Team Facilitator 10th Grade Team Facilitator

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