Aragon Student Equity Council (ASEC)

  • Aragon’s Student Equity Council (ASEC) is an outgrowth of the district’s Youth Catalyst Liberatory Leadership (YCLL) leadership group. ASEC is composed of student representatives from each class, freshman through senior, who apply at the start of Fall semester. 


    The larger group meets a few times a month to work on student-identified equity issues on campus and in our community. Focal groups meet both with the larger group and independently to work toward ways the identified issues can be addressed. 


    The 2022-2023 council has identified the following areas of equity concern to focus their work on:

    • Racism and microaggressions (antiracism)

    • Sports access (gender equity)

    • Student experience (mental health)


    Members of ASEC/YCLL are expected to participate in both full-day and 2-hour trainings over the course of the year. Training dates for the 2022-2023 school year are:

    • 10/12 - All Day

    • 11/1 - 2 Hours

    • 12/2 - 2 Hours

    • 2/3 - 2 hour

    • 3/7 - 2 Hour

    • 4/18 - 2 Hours


    To become a member of YCLL/ASEC, speak with the faculty advisor or administrator.