Work Experience

  • Work Experience offers our students the opportunity to experience a possible career option or training in different areas of employment, while attending school and receive credits towards their high school diploma. Student will receive 1 credit for every 36 hours worked at an approved site. Students will check in with their Work Experience teacher both in person, at the job site, and through reflective essays to help support the challenges of the work place.



    If you want to qualify and obtain credits for "Work Experiences" you need to do the following: 

    1. Complete the "Request for Work" form. All questions on the form have to be completed. If for some reason something is missing, you cannot obtain permission to work until everything is complete or you have the most recent information.
    2. Submit the Electronic Work Permit Request Form or bring the completed  "Work Permit" form to the main office.  Student Work Permits will then be issued. "Student Work Permits" are subject to approval by the administration and/or counselors
    3. When you receive your permission you need to contact Ms. Larratt and apply for Work Experience credits.