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    The Leadership Class, along with Capuchino’s elected Student Council Officers and Clubs, plans, implements and evaluates student activities that seek to educate, celebrate, and acknowledge the co-curricular components of campus life. Leadership means taking steps to create positive change in the situations those students are involved in. The Leadership class provides opportunities for students to develop their own style and interpretation of “leadership”. Students design, plan and create activities for the school community. We the student government of Capuchino High School aim to passionately empower the students of Capuchino by maintaining a culture of pride and inclusivity. We aspire to be independently motivated leaders who adapt to change and grow as a unit towards greater leadership skills. 

Cap Special Connections at Mills!

  • Leadership students and teacher who helped support the event.
    Last Friday Capuchino Leadership students participated in a field trip to Mills for a Special Connections event....
    A huge special shout out and kudos go to Matt Rossillon and Jeff Torres for going the extra mile to set up a Special Connections soccer event on Friday October 25th. They organized a 2 hour indoor soccer clinic that allowed students and staff of all ages and abilities to practice and play soccer with one another. Capuchino's Leadership Special Connections Commission joined forces with the Mills Buddies to lead drills for the following programs: 
    Falco - HOPE Program, students from this class helped support players
    Martinez - AAC Autism Program
    Myers - AAC Autism Program
    Batman - AAC
    Stoddard - County Program
    Ashbaugh - County Program
    At the end of the drill rotations, all participants were brought onto the gym floor to play together as one. The event ended with an impromptu dance session and congo line that showed how important it is to for all groups to come together to have some fun! 
    Thank you to all the athletes, student leaders, chaperones, families and friends that were in attendance.  
    Capuchino Leadership would like to thank the Mills students who lead each station with pride and made the event fun for the athletes. We would also like to thank the teachers that made our trip possible: Ms. Maund, Mr. Mifsud, and Mr. Bywater. Lastly, thank you to the Capuchino Leadership students who took time out of their school day to support the amazing event. 

NEWS & Upcoming ASB Events

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    Battle of the Strip Week Nov 4-Nov 8th

    Spirit Days: 

    Monday- College Day

    Tuesday- Tacky Tourist Day

    Wednesday- Blue for Diabetes Awareness Month

    Thursday- Yin and Yang Day Capuchino wears black and Mills wears white. 

    Friday- Green and Gold

    Help Capuchino collect shoes that would help the following:

    We all have perfectly good shoes we don’t wear anymore – maybe they no longer fit or are no longer in style. The San Andreas Lake Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution together with the California Children of the American Revolution are partnering with Soles4Souls® to assist victims, of all ages, who are dealing with a disaster or abject poverty, here and abroad. During the next few weeks, we are spearheading a shoe donation drive throughout San Mateo County. Any shoes – child/adult – sports/work/fancy -- can help build a path to recovery. Drop off bins are in the main office and H225 November 5th-November 15th. 

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