Attendance Office

  • Parents/Guardians, As a reminder all absence must be cleared within three school days (72 hours). Absences not cleared after three school days (72 hours) will be considered unverified. If your student missed a class or the school day due to having internet trouble, please fill out the Absence Reporting form or contact our attendance clerk  at 650-558-2708.  Parents/Guardians may use the linked form to report an absence. 

    During distance learning, teachers will be taking attendance based on the following: Student is distance learning engaged (DLE) with some of the following - They log-on within the first 10 minutes of the class period. Their preferred name is visible (alias in Aeries is okay). Students are expected to have their video camera on, but audio responses/participation are satisfactory.  Engagement also includes students providing a response when prompted either verbally, in the chat, or engages in Canvas class assignments. Students stay logged on for the duration of class period or zoom conference. Student is Distance Learning Not Engaged (DLN) with any of the following - Student did not log in at all. Student does not participate in any meaningful way during the period (ie. student does not respond to chat, verbal cues or turn their camera on). Student logs in with less than 15 minutes left of the class period. 


  • Attending class regularly and being on time have a direct effect on a student’s success in meeting course requirements for high school graduation.

    Attendance in school is legally mandatory for all students under the age of 18 and also required in order to be successful in district courses. 

    For what reasons may a student be legally absent and excused from school?

    According to our district’s Student Code of Conduct, there are only 6 legal excused reasons for a student to be absent from school which are:

    1. Illness or quarantine (doctor’s note required for 3 or more consecutive days)
    2. Medical, chiropractic, optometric, or dental services
    3. The funeral of members of student’s immediate family (as defined in Ed Code 45194)
    4. Court and legal appointments
    5. Observances of religious holiday or ceremony
    6. Pre-Approved School Activity (school officials only)

    Student will not be excused for any other reason besides the six listed above. Parents/guardians, therefore, should not call or write a note directing the Attendance Office to excuse a student for any other reason.

    When must a student provide a doctor’s note?

    • When a student has had 3 or more consecutive absences due to illness
    • When a student has had 14 absences in the school year for illness, any further absences for illness may be verified by a physician. Absences need not to be consecutive.
    • Contact the Health Office (558-2722) if your student has a serious illness.

    How does the school notify parents/guardians about absences?

    The school uses Connect Ed, an automated calling system, to notify parents on all period absences.  When a student is absent a parent/guardian phone call or note is required within 72 hours of the absence.


  • Attendance Clerk

    (650) 558-2708


  • Students are expected to clear an absence within three school days (72 hours). Absences must be cleared by a parent/guardian by a phone call or a note explaining the absence. Absences not cleared after three school days (72 hours) will be considered unexcused and marked as a “cut.” The office cannot correct attendance records after 72 hours.

    Please follow one of these steps to clear absences:

    1. On the absent days, please notify the Attendance Office by phone and speak to the Attendance Clerk or leave a message that is accessible 24 hours a day at 558-2708.
    2. Submit a written note (in ink) to include the following:
    3. If a guardian is unable to report excused absence on the day of, please submit a message to
      the Attendance Office on the day of the student’s return to school, between 7:30 - 7:55 am.
      • Student’s name
      • Number of days
      • Dates of absence
      • Reason for absence
      • Parent signature
    4. Work and home telephone numbers

    Parents/guardians of 18-year-old students who wish to allow adult students to verify
    attendance must meet with the Dean to go over agreement details.