• An individual choosing to participate in athletics at Burlingame High School must commit himself or herself to proper and mature behavior on and off campus. Athletes must understand that their primary purpose at Burlingame High School is to be an excellent student; being an athlete is a secondary purpose. Any individual who violates this philosophy will result in reprimand, discipline, suspension, or removal from the team.

    Once an athlete has decided to join a team at Burlingame High School, he or she has decided to adhere to all rules and follow the direction given by the school and coaching staff.

    The Burlingame High School athletic programs consist of two or three levels of competition (depending on the sport and demand) which include Freshman, Junior Varsity, and Varsity. The primary goal of the athletic program is to provide an enjoyable and competitive experience for all individuals who choose to participate. The athletic programs are designed to ensure that a player who remains in the program for four years will grow physically, mentally, and socially. Attributes such as responsibility, cooperation, reliability, selflessness, commitment, work ethic, and accountability will be taught and emphasized.


End of Season Feedback - Winter 2017