Career and Guidance Center

  • Class of 2021: If you have questions about the process of completing all of the steps for starting your college courses in the fall, please contact Carlos Nolasco at

    The Peninsula High School Career and Guidance Center is located in Room 104. Students and their families are welcome to visit our Career Center. We encourage all students and their families to access our center because job applications and college applications are usually time sensitive and need to be completed as soon as possible.

    • FAFSA forms and Cal Grant GPA Verification forms
    • Apprenticeship Programs and Summer Internships
    • Community College Placement Tests
    • Career Research Materials
    • 4-Year College Entrance Testing (SAT, ACT)
    • Scholarships and Grants
    • Career Day - Pending
    • Elective Credit and Academic Credit Tracking Sheets
    • U.S. Armed Services Information
    • PEP and GEPP Priority Enrollment Program Applications (for CSM and Skyline)
    • College Club Orientation - Pending 
    • Community College Career Planning Guides
    • Practice Test Materials for the GED
    • College Catalogs and Brochures
    • PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test) Registration
    • Concurrent Enrollment Applications for Community Colleges
    • Resumé and Job Search Materials
    • Outdoor Education Cabin Leadership Program
    • Graduation Needs such as Cap and Gown and Graduation Photography
    • Field Trip and Job Shadow Opportunities
    • Alternatives to traditional high school graduation such as the CHSPE and GED Programs
    • Obtain a work permit

    Carlos Nolasco can help and advise students with any of the above mentioned programs and services. He can be contacted at Or contact Mr. Nolasco by calling (650) 558-2427.


  • Appointments if you need help with the following topics:

    • Application to College or any educational center
    • Applying for employment
    • Permission to work for a minor
    • Working as a volunteer
    • Scholarships and FASFA

    Please make an appointment - Click Here to Make an Appointment


    Current Appoitments via zoom any Wednesday from 10:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M

    Click on Here to meet via Zoom

     (9/1/2020 thrue 12/15/2020)

    Mr. Nolasco

    Carlos Nolasco

    College and Career Asistant

    and Family Engagement Coordinator

    Peninsula High School

    (650) 558-2427


    Appoitments Click Online Via Zoom