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Graduation Requirements

  • PHS Graduation Requirements

    PHS Standard High School Diploma Requirements

    English (English I, II, III, IV): 40 credits

    Social Science (Cont. World , Mod. World, US History, Government, Economics): 35 credits

    Math (Algebra I, Integ. Math I, Geometry): 30 credits

    Science (1 year physical science and 1 year biological science): 20 credits

    Health: 5 credits

    Career Technical Education (CTE): 10 credits

    Electives: 60 credits

    Work Experience / Community Service: 2 credits

    Total of 202 credits

    • 72 Work Experience/Internship hours

    • 24 Community Service hours are a newer graduation requirement 


Confidentiality, Wellness and Safety

    • Counselors will be able to protect the privacy of students in their work spaces. However, counselors don’t have control over who may be present in the student’s work environment that may be able to hear confidential information.

    • Reasons for counselors to break confidentiality to be able to consult with others would be:

      • You want to harm  yourself

      • You want to harm someone else

      • Someone is harming you

    • Counselors are mandated to report suspected child abuse

    • Our priority is to keep our students SAFE.

Counseling Department