School Counseling

  • Welcome to the School Counseling Department!  We are excited to welcome THREE new counselors to our team and look forward to meeting all the new and returning Aragon students.  Read more about all of us here.

    The School Counseling Team works with the school community to provide guidance, expertise and support under the National Model for School Counseling in the areas of Academic, Career and Social/Emotional development. Through classroom presentations, individual meetings, parent presentations, staff development and collaboration the counselors work with the school community in a variety of ways.

    The counseling team provides support to students so they can successfully reach their academic and personal goals. From questions about alternative learning programs to figuring out which classes are best for students, we help advise our students in selecting an academic pathway that accommodates their needs as Aragon students.


    Interested in taking a course OUTSIDE of SMUHSD?

    Please see our Concurrent Enrollment page for more details about Concurrent Enrollment with our Community Colleges!

    For ANY course that is being taken outside of the SMUHSD, it must be pre-approved with

    Aragon's SMUHSD Outside Course Pre-Approval Form here for:  FALL 2023, SPRING 2024, SUMMER 2024 COURSES  

    Thank you!  This is the only way we can approve whether or not your course is able to be placed on our transcript, so don't delay!

New Aragon Families & Incoming Students - Welcome!


    • Thursday, March 9, 2023 in the Aragon Theater, 6:30 - 7:30 pm (ENGLISH PRESENTATION): Orientation/Course Selection Presentation for Private School Families & Students and Public School Families.  


    • Thursday, March 9, 2023 in Room 246, 6:30 - 7:30 pm (SPANISH PRESENTATION / presentación en español): Orientation/Course Selection Presentation for Private School Families & Students and Public School Families.  


    • Thursday, March 9, 2023:  Aragon's OPEN HOUSE to visit all classrooms on campus, 7:00 - 8:30pm
      • New families are welcome to do a self-guided tour around our campus, meet teachers, and visit classrooms anytime between 7:00pm-8:30pm.  We invite you to attend the session above first and then enjoy walking around campus!


    • Thursday, March 23, 2023,  4:30pm - 7:00 pm in the Aragon Library:  OPTIONAL Counselor Chats:  Informal Q & A conversations with School Counselors regarding Course Selection questions No appointment necessary; School Counselors and Advisors will be available for brief 1:1 questions and informational chats regarding class selection.
      • Please note that our previous published appointment dates of March 16th and March 21st have changed, and the optional, informal check-in chats above are now currently in place for March 16th only. 
      • Students may submit their InformedK12 Course Selection Form* WITHOUT attending these optional events.  You may also email our School Counseling Team (by clicking the links to their names on the right-hand side of this page) with questions if you are unable to attend.  School Counselors are organized by Last Name/Alphabetical order, and you can also see the School Counselor listed on your student's InformedK12 Course Selection Form.
      • RSVP HERE!


    • Friday, March 24, 2023,  4:30pm - 7:00 pm:  DUE DATE to submit the Course Selection Form that was sent via Informed K12 on March 6th.

    All Incoming 9th graders will complete their Course Registration through our InformedK12 process* in March.  All currently enrolled families will receive an email with this form by March 6th, 2023, to their primary email address registered with the SMUHSD.  If you have NOT received your Course Selection Form from Aragon Counseling via InformedK12, and you are registered to attend Aragon, please contact Mrs. Dounia Kardosh (558-2905 or with your Student ID number, name, and correct email address so she can confirm and send it to you. 

    Course Selection Forms & Course Catalog

    Aside from the official course selection form that you will receive to your primary family email on March 6th, you may preview a sample 9th Grade Course Selection Fom here.

    Please feel free to view our Course Catalog along with this! 

    If you are a transfer student of a different grade level, please see sample course selection forms here.  Mrs. Kardosh will speak with you about this as well:

    Transfer 10th Grade Student Course Selection Form 

    Transfer 11th Grade Student Course Selection Form

    Transfer 12th Grade Student Course Selection Form


    Middle School Visits

    We will be presenting to the 8th graders at our feeder Middle Schools the first week of March.  Please join us on March 9th in the Theater to learn what 8th graders learned at these presentations: graduation requirements, typical course schedules in 9th grade, the course selection process, our AVID Program, and Student Activities & Leadership at Aragon.  


School Counselors