Prospective Students and Families

  • 8th Grade Middle School (Virtual) Visits & Family Presentations

    Middle School Presentations: (February 28th - March 4th)
    We had a wonderful time hosting virtual middle school visits! Please see below for our the presentation and screencast:

    San Mateo (Virtual) Programming Nights:

    SMHS Program Planning Directions, Forms & Resources for 2022-23

    1. 9th Grade Programming Directions/Resources  - This document will guide you through the process of completing the Program Planning Sheet that you received during our middle school presentations.  It includes links to the Course Request Sheet, Math Acceleration Policy, Frequently Asked Questions Documents, and Course VIDEOS!
    2. World Language Survey [DUE March 7th] - Students will be asked to complete this during our middle school visits (2/28 - 3/4). If you missed our visit, please complete this survey to help us determine the most appropriate course placement. Students requesting to take any course in their home language (Chinese, French, or Spanish), as well as students who have completed two years of a world language in middle school and are requesting to be placed in level 3 or higher, will need to take a placement test.  
    3. SUBMIT COURSE REQUESTS [DUE March 18th] -  Select your classes for the 2022-23 school year by submitting this form.  
    4. Student Medical FormPlease bring this completed form to 9th Grade Orientation in August.
    5. Incoming 9th Grader Athletics Sign up
    6. Assistance Request Form - Use this form to submit questions and a counselor will respond with answers.


    Please visit: 2022-23 Enrollment to complete form and upload appropriate documents. 

    Questions?  Please contact: 650-558-2251.