Flex Time Overview

  • Why Flex Time? 

    • Eliminate institutional barriers -- providing structured school time for homework and assessment, not relying on after school hours only or taking away lunch time
    • That the process of learning is personal and unique to each individual
    • Cultivate student agency -- encouraging students to make appointments with staff members based on their needs
    • Foster the growth of the whole person -- activities can be academic in nature or be in support of student’s mental health

    ~ Above aligned and pulled from Core Beliefs ~

    What happens during Flex Time?

    Students report to one of their teachers; scan in using Teachmore (hard copy if no WiFi) and participate in: 

    • Assessment make-ups/retakes
    • Individual/small group instruction
    • Whole class review sessions
    • Opportunity for student collaboration
    • Individual student work time
    • Guided by a staff member
    • Counseling
    • Wellness Counseling 
    • Facilitated Tier II Group 
    • Club meetings
    • Schoolwide Activities (e.g., School Site Council elections, IB Learner Awards, student surveys)
    • Student planning and organization
    • Unique teacher options (wellness, yoga, games), where desired

    When does Flex Time occur?

    • On Even Block Schedule days, after brunch. 

    Who participates/attends?

    • Teachers may cap the number of students per Flex Time period, but this cap may not be lower than 20 students; contractual maximums can be applied
    • Teachers may limit Flex Time attendance to those students on their current caseload OR invite in others at their own discretion

    Where should students go during Flex?

    • Students will create appointments or drop-in to work with teachers in their classroom 
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