Hillsdale Attendance Process


    Hillsdale is using a new Google form for attendance in order to better support students and families in reporting a student's absence from school.  It is an easier way to communicate, and will save staff time that can be shifted to supporting students with serious absence issues. With the form we will have a written record of the absence excuse.  With phone calls there is no permanent or written record so if there is a question it is difficult to produce historical evidence.

    Here are the forms:

    Hillsdale Absence Reporting Protocol--(English & Espanol)

    • all absence forms must be submitted within 48 hours of your return to school. 
    • After 48 hours the undocumented absence is recorded as unexcused and will become a truancy.
    • only a parent or legal guardian of student listed on the student's emergency card can clear absences. 
    • excused absences in California: illness, medical appointment, religious holiday, family emergency, jury duty or funeral services. 
    • Some absences are not excused in California: being out of town, vacation, college visits, and non-school related activities. 
    • A “not excused” absence is not the same as an “unexcused absence”
      • An absence “not-excused” is not recognizable by state law; 
      • an “unexcused absence” is illegal and will be recorded as an act of truancy.
    • Hillsdale will not take action on a “not excused” absence unless it is too frequent and causes problems.
    • An “unexcused absence” is illegal and Hillsdale will take action with the student and the family
    • LEAVING SCHOOL BEFORE THE END OF THE SCHOOL DAY: Students may not leave campus without permission. Parents cannot excuse an absence after a student leaves.  Students MUST obtain a Permit to Leave from the Attendance Office before leaving.  

    Note: Sending an email to hhsattendance@smuhsd.org remains an option for sending messages regarding a student’s attendance.

    If you have any questions or comments on this process, please let Ms. Dawnette Tello-Loezius know at dtelloloezius@smuhsd.org or (650) 558-2608.

    If the maximum number of allowable truancies (3 periods)/tardies (8 incidents) is surpassed in a given 6-week grading period, students will lose the privilege of participating in any (non-class/credit-related) school function (including athletic competition, dances, school plays, etc.) for the subsequent six weeks.  Additional consequences may also be assigned as determined by administration or the student’s advisor.  It is the responsibility of the student and family to monitor the student’s attendance and attendance record during the school year.