Athletic & Academic Eligibility

  • Peninsula High School (PHS) does not offer any sports teams; students that are interested in playing sports, may do so at their home school site. All students interested in playing sports must fill out the athletic agreement form, as well as any athletic packet forms that is required by the home school site’s health office and athletic department.

    To be eligible for participation in the school's athletic, co-curricular and extracurricular programs, a student must fill out appropriate P.H.S. athletic agreement form as well have the following: have earned 25 credits (passed 5 courses), earned a 2.0 or better grade point average during the previous grading period with no more than one “F”, and have good attendance. (See the section on Attendance for further detail.)  Student must also have a clean discipline record while attending Peninsula High School and SMUHSD reserves the right to revoke student athletic privilege. Further stipulations may apply, please refer to P.H.S. athletic agreement form.

    In addition, athletes must have a current clearance card and emergency information card to be eligible to play any school-sponsored sport.

    Transportation is the responsibility of the student-athlete, but PHS will attempt to provide transportation whenever possible.