Schoolwide Learning Outcomes

  • Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

    Mind and Mindset
    Burlingame High School students use their minds to:

    • Think critically and solve problems creatively.
    • Reflect on their learning process in order to nurture a growth mindset.

    Research and Communication
    Burlingame High School students use a variety of skills to:

    • Engage in individual and collaborative research employing 21st century literacies and resources.
    • Communicate ideas and information independently and in collaboration with others through a variety of means and media.

    Self-Awareness and Management
    Burlingame High School students  will monitor their physical and mental health to:

    • Be resilient and resourceful in response to changing learning environments and demands.
    • Promote and maintain strategies that ensure their personal well-being and safety.

    Civic and Social Responsibility
    Burlingame High School students are people of integrity who participate in the school and larger community to:

    • Recognize, appreciate, and engage with diverse points of view.
    • Contribute in ways that are meaningful and demonstrate empathy.