Academic Supports

  • Academic Center: All students are invited to the Academic Center in the Library. The Center is open until 5:30 every school day and offers students access to peer and adult tutors in every academic subject - no appointment necessary! This is also a great place for students to work on group projects, access technology, and complete assignments. 

    Guided Studies:  Students requiring more strategic supports are enrolled in our Guided Studies program. We offer two sections of Guided Studies for 9th grade, and one section each for 10th and 11th grade students. Our Guided Studies teachers collaborate with others on campus and partner with Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center providers and interns to support the socio-emotional needs of students in this program. Parents and students interested in more information should contact their student's School Counselor.

    Office Hours: All students have access to their teachers during Office Hours on Wednesday afternoons. Teachers are available in their rooms after 6th period until 3:15pm. Please check the bell schedule link down below for more information. 

    Bell Schedule